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Banthapug trots across Tatooine

Some of the greatest "Star Wars" merchandise ever created can't be bought in a store. Ewok pet costumes, a speeder-bike rocker and an AT-AT cat condo are all creations of plucky DIY-minded "Star Wars" fans.

Banthapug is the adorable combination of a Bantha (a shaggy behemoth of burden) and a domesticated pug dog named Chubbs. Chubbs had previously been dressed up as a wampa by his intrepid person, a handy costume maker known as Star Wars Chick.

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Munchkin the Ewok

Munchkin is a Shih Tzu dog that also happens to be an advanced-level "Star Wars" cosplayer. The cute pup attained Internet stardom by getting dressed as an Ewok. Munchkin's round face makes the pooch look ready to climb up into the trees on Endor.

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VW bus doubles as R2-D2

Forget hippies and flower decor, this Volkswagen Bus is carrying a different message. The 1992 vehicle got a makeover using a custom-printed vinyl wrap to make it look like a massive wheeled version of famous "Star Wars" bot R2-D2.

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Landspeeder cat bed

Cats can be "Star Wars" fans, too. Sci-fi loving cat owners drooled over this sweet Landspeeder cat bed by Roxy's Dream, a company that builds unusual cat pads. The landspeeder bed took over 40 hours of labor to build.

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Speeder bike drone

Every "Star Wars" fan wants a working speeder bike. Adam Woodsworth made one of his own, except in miniature. The maker's Speeder Bike is a modified quadcopter with an action figure riding on top. It's the perfect blend of drones and sci-fi.

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AT-AT cat condo

There's a very lucky cat out there in the galaxy that has an AT-AT Walker cat condo all to itself. Dubbed the CAT-AT, the condo is a spectacular piece of feline furniture featuring a luxury interior with bird trophies, a mini bar and a disco ball.

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X-wing rocker made from wood

Steve Coupe, a New Zealand woodworker, made this elegantly detailed X-wing rocker to help a local children's hospital raise money. The rocker even has R2-D2 on board. The project is made from recycled and renewable lumber.

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AT-ST cat playhouse

There is a whole universe of fancy cat accessories made by handy "Star Wars" fans. This AT-ST cat playhouse was made for a feline named Buffy. It has a carpeted landing platform and plenty of room inside for the kitty to lay down and take a nap when she's not battling for the fate of the universe.

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Speeder bike rocker

A handy maker built this Rocking Speeder Bike for a young Princess Leia. Instructables user Tez_Gelmir built the bike from plywood, PVC and 3D-printed parts. The proud dad shared his build notes online in case any other "Star Wars" fans want to try the same project.

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AT-AT bed is dreamy

You've seen bunk beds and race-car beds, but the coolest kid bed ever created may be this epic AT-AT bed built by a "Star Wars" fan dad. Derek Dutilly crafted the bed for his son, putting it together out of Masonite, PVC and plywood. It's the stuff Rebel dreams are made of.

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X-wing fighter bunk bed

Bunk beds are the ultimate in cool bedroom furniture for kids. And the coolest bunk bed in the galaxy is this X-wing fighter bed a "Star Wars" fan called DarthDaddy42 made for his son. The lucky kid sleeps below the belly of the spacecraft. A ladder leads up to cockpit with a flat-screen TV and R2-D2 cooler.

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