'Star Trek: Discovery' debut pushed further into the future

The much-anticipated arrival of "Star Trek: Discovery" is now slated for "sometime late summer, early fall," CBS chief Les Moonves says.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser

"Star Trek: Discovery" should still reach warp speed sometime in 2017.


The latest time-traveling escapades in the Star Trek universe have nothing to do with storylines. The new series "Star Trek: Discovery" was originally expected to debut on the CBS All Access streaming service in January. It then got pushed back to May. Then it was delayed again to an indefinite point in the future.

Now it could be at least late summer before the show arrives.

At the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference on Monday, CBS CEO Les Moonves told investors the latest Star Trek entry could come sometime later in the year.

"Late summer, early fall we're looking at probably right now...We're not going to rush it in," Moonves said. "There's a lot of post production. But I'm very confident from what I've seen so far." (Disclosure: CBS is CNET's parent company.)

In January, CBS said it would remain flexible on debut dates.

"This is an ambitious project; we will be flexible on a launch date if it's best for the show," the company in a statement. "We've said from the beginning it's more important to do this right than to do it fast."

"Star Trek: Discovery" just started production in late January. Fans may have to wait to watch the series, but there's plenty of casting news to keep them busy in the meantime. So far, we know the show will involve a couple of different Federation starships, the popular Klingon aliens and a setting that takes place prior to the original series' five-year mission.

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