See Facebook's first Super Bowl ad, starring Sylvester Stallone, Chris Rock

The commercial promotes Facebook's groups.

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Chris Rock wants to rock. 

Video screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET

Along with ads for beer, trucks and fast food, Super Bowl 2020 viewers will catch a spot for Facebook. The ad promotes the Facebook groups feature, and Sylvester Stallone and Chris Rock make an appearance. 

The spot promotes the idea that there's a Facebook group for every interest, whether it's rock climbing, rock buggies or experimental rocketry. "Whatever you rock, there's a Facebook group for you," reads a tagline for the ad, which unfolds to the tune of I Wanna Rock by Twisted Sister. 

At the end of the commercial, a bunch of runners clad in sweatshirts jog up the steps of Philadelphia's Museum of Modern Art, which Stallone famously ascended in the 1976 film Rocky. 

A Facebook group is a place where people who share a common interest gather to chat. Facebook has tens of millions of active groups covering a variety of topics including politics, health, gaming and animal rescue. This is Facebook's first purchase of Super Bowl air time, the company confirmed.

In recent months, the tech giant has been running ads for its Facebook Portal device, featuring the Muppets. It'll be far from the first tech company to get in on Super Bowl promotions. In the past, companies like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Sprint have had Super Bowl spots. And during the dot-com era, 2000's Super Bowl was packed with ads for websites. 

The Super Bowl will air Feb. 2.

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Originally published Dec. 18.