Super Bowl 2020: All the car commercials from the big game

Here's a look at all the car commercials you'll be able to see during the Super Bowl.

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Bill Murray starred in Jeep's ad for the Gladiator on Groundhog Day.


The Super Bowl might be a few days away, but we're already getting a taste of the car commercials set to air on Sunday. Showing off one of these hugely expensive ads ahead of time is not an uncommon practice. The brand gets days more of exposure and we get the opportunity to restock snacks during commercial breaks, without any FOMO. 

If you want to be surprised on the day, I recommend checking out the best car ads from previous Super Bowls to see funny, innovative commercials you won't see in this year's big game. But if you can't wait, here's what's in store for you this Sunday. Need even more Super Bowl ads in your life? Not to worry, here's a list of all the other brands placing spots for the big game.

Jeep Gladiator: Groundhog Day

Jeep snuck in under the wire, but it kind of had to, previewing this commercial on the morning of the Super Bowl. Turns out the Super Bowl is on Groundhog Day, and what better way to celebrate than to have Bill Murray reprise one of his best movie roles. Here he and Punxsutawney Phil take a Gladiator out on a different adventure each day. Brilliant.

Toyota Highlander: Heroes

Everyone needs a hero, and for Toyota , it's the 2020 Highlander. The brand revealed its big game ad on Saturday, which stars Cobie Smulders as a super mom alongside plenty of other superheroes. We're treated to a biological disaster, the wild west and an alien invasion. The ad has a little something for everyone.

Kia Seltos: Tough Never Quits

I'll admit, I didn't know who Josh Jacobs was before I watched this ad. I didn't know he's the running back for the now Las Vegas Raiders or that he experienced homelessness while growing up in Oklahoma. After seeing this commercial, however, I know I'll be cheering for him (even though I am a die-hard Raider Hater). Oh, and the new Kia Seltos is pretty dope too.

Hyundai Sonata: Smaht Pahk

goes for big stars in its commercial for the Sonata featuring Remote Smart Parking Assist. We see Chris EvansJohn KrasinskiRachel Dratch and Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz do their best Boston accents. They sound super weird, and I'm sure Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Mark Wahlberg could have done it better, but if you want to try it out on your own, just repeat, "Pahk yah cah in Hahvahd yahd." 

Porsche: The Heist

OK, if I'd get access to every car in Porsche's museum in Stuttgart, like these TV security guards have, I am definitely applying to work there. After a is stolen from the museum, the rent-a-cops hop in their favorite Porsches for a thrilling chase through the storybook streets, tires squealing and exhaust thrumming. It's great to see a cavalcade of Porsches being driven at the limit and, so far, this is my favorite Super Bowl ad.

Audi E-Tron: Let It Go

I don't even have kids and I'm sick of hearing Let It Go, the anthem from Disney's Frozen. Audi seems content to jam the song into our ears one more time as Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams belts it out from behind the wheel of the new Audi E-Tron Sportback. Along the way, we see how the old way of using fossil fuels to power cars is on the way out and EVs are in. That's all well and good, Audi, but use another song. Any other song would do.

Genesis GV80: Going Away Party

The ad for Genesis' new SUV has John Legend and Chrissy Teigen throwing a goodbye party to "old luxury." The duo wants to welcome "young luxury" to the market, but in my opinion, this ad falls a bit flat. I can't deny the star power of Legend and Teigen, but the script is all over the place and the jokes are just kind of meh.

GMC: Quiet Revolution

General Motors is using the Super Bowl to reintroduce the world to an old nameplate: . But rather than a standalone brand, the new Hummer is part of GMC. Oh yeah, it's electric, too. We'll see the new GMC Hummer EV on May 20, but get a quick glimpse at it during Super Bowl 2020.

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