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Giant Skittles spill turns highway into strange red hellscape

A lot of cows won't be tasting the rainbow after a load of red Skittles destined for cattle feed spilled off a truck and all over a highway.

The Great Red Skittles Spill of 2017.
Dodge Country Sheriff's Office

A minor disaster befell a Wisconsin highway this week when a truckload of red Skittles candy ended up coating a highway. The Dodge County Sheriff's Office shared photos of the strange occurrence on Facebook, and the images show the road covered in broken bright-red candy pieces, giving it the appearance of a crimson highway to hell.

According to the police, hundreds of thousands of Skittles fell off the back of a flat-bed truck after the large box they were in gave way due to rain.

Why is there just one flavor? The candies were intended to go into cattle feed since they didn't pass inspection at the factory. Cattle feed sometimes contains unexpected ingredients, like beer or various kinds of candy.

The sheriff's office has a sense of humor about the incident, writing, "It is certainly clear that it may be difficult to 'Taste the Rainbow' in its entirety with one color that likely fell off the truck!"

In case you're wondering, the red Skittles taste like strawberry, which may surprise you if you've been under the impression you've been eating cherry Skittles your entire life.

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