Let Sean Spicer destroy your name with this online generator

The "Spicer-ize my name" generator will make you feel like you're visiting the White House and getting a shout-out from President Donald Trump's press secretary.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Spice up your name, Sean Spicer-style.

Sydney Morning Herald

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer can get a little tongue-tied at times. He mispronounced Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's name with what sounded like "Trumble" or "Trunbull." Spicer also called Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by the name "Joe Trudeau."

In tribute to these funny slip-ups, the Sydney Morning Herald created an online name generator that tells you how Spicer would slaughter your name.

The generator is perfect for anyone who fantasizes about being a head of state called out by Spicer during a press briefing. I discovered the Spicer-ized version of my name is "Amaretto Kopalski," which I will be sure to use if I ever need a handy alias.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May becomes "Theseus Mayakofsky." Russian president Vladimir Putin turns into "Vlasov Putsi." You can try it with any name. Tom Cruise is now "Tomachoff Crumb" and Kim Kardashian is "Kimber Karelsen." Not even President Donald Trump is immune from the name generator. The Spicer-ized version of his name works out to "Donaldson Trung."

And if Spicer ever trips over his own name, it might come out as "Searby Spiedler." Go ahead and run your name and share your spiced-up new moniker in the comments.