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Samsung Omnia 2 coming August 23?

According to a leaked document from Best Buy Mobile, it looks as if Verizon's much-anticipated Omnia 2 will finally hit stores on August 23, along with several other models from different carriers.

No iPhone 3GS for Verizon, but the Omnia 2 is due to hit stores shortly.

Since we posted a First Take of Samsung's Omnia 2 back in June, a lot of readers have been asking when Verizon would actually begin selling it. Well, according to the good folks over at the Boy Genius Report (who have a "trusted mole" at Best Buy Mobile), the much-anticipated iPhone pretender will be launching August 23, along with several other phones from different carriers.

Here's the complete list that leaked:

With no iPhone 3GS on the horizon for Verizon any time soon, the Omnia 2 is high on a lot of Verizon customers' phone upgrade lists. Expect full coverage, including a review around the phone's launch date.


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(Source: Gizmodo via Boy Genius Report)