LG to bring Chocolate Touch to Verizon?

Boy Genius Report puts a rumor out there that a touch version of the LG Chocolate would surface soon from Verizon

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Nicole Lee
A spy shot of the LG BL40
A spy shot of the LG BL40. Boy Genius Report

We've seen quite a few rumors of a new touch-screen version of the LG Chocolate floating around the Internet, and most of them have to do with the Black Label version of the phone, the LG BL40, that's slated to come out for Europe and Asia only. We've even seen spy shots of the BL40, and it looks quite long, especially with its supposed 21:9 aspect ratio and 4-inch display. Apparently it'll rock 335MB of internal memory plus a microSD card slot, but we really know little about it.

Now Phone Arena has come out with a new set of juicy rumors that another touch-screen Chocolate phone will make its way to our shores via Verizon.

Tentatively dubbed the LG Chocolate Touch VX8575, the phone might be our answer to the BL40, though I doubt it'll have the same features or look exactly the same. Still, that's some exciting news, even if it's firmly in rumor territory at the moment.