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Relive 10th grade with locker HDTV

'High School Musical' cranks up the merchandizing machine.


As many a deafened parent of pre-teen kids will tell you, Disney's High School Musical is a force to be reckoned with. It has gone well beyond its TV-movie origins to become an international phenemenon, with live shows, DVDs, CDs and maddeningly repetitive pop tunes that are driving innumerable moms and dads to the brink of insanity.

All of which makes it a perfect storm, of course, for a major merchandizing blitz. Never one to shy away from a marketing challenge, Amazon is offering a "High School Musical Wii Bundle With Microphone" next month. But Gizmodo notes that Disney is saving the real prizes for the fall: an LCD TV and an iPod clock radio, both in hallway-locker themes, for $300 and $60 respectively. The TV has a 15-inch Sharp screen and is ready for HD transmissions.

Either would be an effective counter to Caroline McCarthy's pirate TV.