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Pirate fever gets a little too feverish

TV-DVD player with skull and crossbones isn't done very effectively.


We kind of really love pirates around these parts, but there are limits to everything. Take this 14-inch TV, for example, manufactured for Disney by Japanese electronics company Runat. It's got a skull and crossbones on top, a pirate-worthy set of buttons, and some additional swashbuckling decor, but I personally find it rather lame. It's possible to integrate pirate imagery into household gadgets in far more effective ways.

Besides, the makers of this TV should really get with the program. If you're going to make a Pirates of the Caribbean TV-DVD player, it had better at least be LCD, and preferably flat-screen too. Just as Captain Jack Sparrow likes his rum to be rather classy, I'm guessing he'd want his TV to be worthy of the officers' quarters.

(Via Akihabara News)