preGAME 09: iPad gaming roundup

Is the iPad a legitimate gaming device? We'll run Apple's new toy through the gaming gamut and invite Candystand's Robin Yang along to help us decide the final verdict on iPad gaming.

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Jeff Bakalar
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This week on preGAME, we welcome special guest Robin Yang from Candystand.com to the show. Robin tells us about the highly addictive games at Candystand and walks us through one of the new titles, UMAG.

Robin is also here today to help us check out a handful of iPad games! That's right, on today's episode we're only looking at iPad video games. We demo N.O.V.A. HD, Resident Evil 4, Metal Gear Solid Touch, and Mirror's Edge. If you're thinking about getting an iPad for gaming, this is definitely the video to watch; we break down the highs and lows of iPad gaming and debate whether the system has legs as a portable console.

Also on today's show we'll chat about the new Xbox 360 memory card update that allows users to use USB cards to save games and media. Next we'll show you a new accessory from Japan that will turn your PS3 Slim into a portable system!

Ever wonder whatever happened to Duke Nukem Forever? We'll find out as we get our hands on some leaked footage of everyone's favorite game that never was. Finally, we'll look at what's possibly the most poorly conceived Sonic the Hedgehog level ever constructed. Let's hope this one doesn't make it to the final game due out this summer.

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