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The PS3 Slim goes mobile (without Sony's help)

With the help of Hori's LCD Monitor HD 3, users of the PlayStation 3 Slim might soon be able to take the console out of the living room and on the road.

The Hori LCD Monitor HD 3. Hori

The PlayStation 3 Slim is quickly helping Sony reassert itself in the video game industry. But it's a home console that's typically been tied to the living room television--until now.

Hori, a small hardware company in Japan, announced recently that it plans to release an HD monitor that comes with an attachment that encases the PS3 Slim and allow users to play console games on the display. According to the company, the LCD Monitor HD 3 [Google Translate Page] boasts 1366x768 resolution. It also has built-in speakers. The screen folds over the PS3's body to make it easier to carry around.

Sony's console is "docked" into the Hori HD monitor encasement. Once the setup is complete, users can play games on the 11.6-inch screen. The device's product listing makes no mention of a battery, though, so it seems that users might need to be within range of an AC outlet in order to use it.

Hori plans to release the PS3 accessory on May 27 in Japan for about $264. Luckily, it supports both PAL and NTSC, which means it might be coming to U.S. shores at some point in the future. Hori currently sells several products to U.S. customers through Amazon and other online retailers.

(Via Kotaku)