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Peek at the best-looking PlayStation 4 mockup yet

Sony has yet to reveal the PS4, so one gamer took matters into his own hands and created a concept rendering based on existing footage.

A mockup of the PS4.
Andy Gilleand

When Sony has a secret up its sleeve, the company loves to tease. If you missed last week's video enigma, Sony revealed very brief pictures of the mysterious PlayStation 4 hardware, leaving gamers in the dark about what the highly anticipated gaming console will look like.

Luckily, graphics guru Andy Gilleand has the imagination (and skills) to piece together Sony's puzzle, and created a general conceptual rendering of the PlayStation 4.

While Gilleand's interpretation will have most Sony purists crying foul, the render does align with the general shape and accents seen in the official teaser videos. It's widely expected that Sony will finally show off the PlayStation 4 during a company press event at E3 2013 on June 10.

Another angle showing what the front of the PS4 could look like. Andy Gilleand
A rear angle. Andy Gilleand

Based on what's been shown so far, Gilleand believes the top of the console contains three different shades -- a monochromatic spectrum ranging from black to gray -- while the lower portion appears dark gray. A ventilation strip wraps around most of the console, while the front contains a disc slot front and center with rows of ventilation ports nearby. A previous PS4 mockup drawing emits a similar vibe.

Gilleand added the circular fan based on what was shown in the video, but even he notes that it may have been part of an accessory and not the actual hardware. Gilleand added the buttons, LEDs, and USB ports in logical areas as those items weren't shown in the video.

What do you think about this conceptual mockup of the PlayStation 4?

A rear shot. Circular exhaust likely to change, says Gilleand. Andy Gilleand