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Will you buy an Xbox One or PlayStation 4?

Two titans are prepping the future of gaming. We're wondering which next-generation gaming console wins your vote.

Where do you stand?
Image by Christopher MacManus/James Martin

What's hotter -- the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4?

This year kicked off a new chapter in gaming history as Microsoft and Sony revealed their next-generation consoles, which are destined to rule living rooms (and hands) around the world. Of course, Nintendo also had its fun with the Wii U, but hard-core gamers don't seem to really be jumping on the device.

Today's Xbox One announcement gave everyone a solid look at the upcoming console, which features many hardware specifications similar to the PlayStation 4. We've stacked the Xbox One vs. the PlayStation 4 against each other in a handy chart. Hardware aside, the two systems will offer a unique spin on cutting-edge entertainment experiences, social sharing, and extraordinary games with astonishing graphics.

Without pricing, finer details, and precise dates for their respective launches, some of you may not know which console you'll want to buy next. Others may stick with the brand they already use, while some may switch allegiances and start anew.

Regardless, with today's hubbub now giving us a better view of the gaming horizon, some gamers may have made a decision as to which console they'll want to spend the next few years playing. Let us know where you stand in our poll.