Our new 'Game of Thrones' hero: A 10-year-old badass

Don't even try to small talk with Lady Lyanna Mormont. The pint-size warrior knows her mind and she's the sort of leader we can all get behind.

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House Mormont has a strong leader.


Caution: minor spoilers ahead.

Yeah, Jon Snow is pretty cool. I would trust Brienne of Tarth with my life. And Tyrion Lannister sure knows how to make a witty quip. But I want to join House Mormont of Bear Island just so I can call Lady Lyanna Mormont my leader.

Stannis Baratheon alluded to Lady Mormont earlier in the series, referring to her dismissively as a "wretched girl" and "a child of 10" when she won't pledge her people to his cause. We finally got to meet her on Sunday night's episode of "Game of Thrones" and it took very little time for her to become a social-media folk hero.

Twitter users are calling for Lyanna Mormont to run for US president, despite her age and lack of US citizenship. There's already a great campaign slogan: "Feel the Mor-mentum." Others are dreaming of a Lady Mormont spin-off series (paging George R.R. Martin).

Mormont became leader of her house after her mother, a great warrior, is killed in battle supporting the Stark cause. Her no-nonsense, don't-sweet-talk-me attitude is blunt, but effective. Bella Ramsey bites into the role with a simmering fire. It's Ramsey's screen debut, but we can expect to see more of the young actress after the splash she made on "Thrones."

Mormont ultimately commits 62 fighting men to the Starks, a number that disappoints Jon Snow and his sister Sansa until the Lady lays it out for them: "Every man from Bear Island fights with the strength of 10 mainlanders."

This one scene is enough for fans to get behind Lady Mormont's banner, though we don't know what sort of role she will play in upcoming episodes as the Starks move to recapture their home of Winterfell. She appears briefly in the distance at the Stark forces' snowy encampment. She's not the sort of leader who stays home while her people go to war. Add to that an elevated talent for sassing and it's no wonder some fans are already rooting for her to ultimately win the "Game of Thrones."

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