Original Donkey Kong climbs into Nintendo Switch

A truly old-school landmark arcade game arrives on the Switch console.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser

Get your Kong on in classic style.


While gaming extravaganza E3 may be all about the latest and greatest, Nintendo  is managing to make a big retro splash with the announcement of Donkey Kong for the Switch. This is the first official release of the complete arcade version outside of arcade machines.

It isn't Donkey Kong Country or some other updated take. This is pure, hard-core, '80s-style Donkey Kong featuring the original Mario character. It comes from publisher Hamster as part of the Arcade Archives series for the Switch. You'll be climbing ladders, smashing barrels and doing your best to save the lady at the top. 

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The $7.99 game includes the original Japanese game along with a later version and the slightly revised international version. Players can adjust the game difficulty and "reproduce the atmosphere of arcade display settings at that time."

Donkey Kong is available now and will be joined by another classic arcade game when Sky Skipper arrives on the Nintendo eShop in July. 

It's OK if you're not familiar with the rare Sky Skipper, a flying game. This will be its first official North American release.

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