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OkCupid offers LGBTQ daters more ways to identify themselves

As part of Pride Month, the platform is expanding its offering of identity options.

OkCupid has 60 identity options for LGBTQ daters.

OkCupid is giving LGBTQ daters more ways to communicate who they are and who they're looking for on the platform. As part of Pride Month, the dating app is partnering with the Human Rights Campaign to expand the service's identity options to 60, OkCupid said Monday in a blog post

"Allowing users to select from such a wide array of identity options will make many LGBTQ+ users feel more welcome on OkCupid, and will allow them to use the platform in a more authentic way," Jay Brown, Human Rights Campaign senior vice president of programs, research and training, said in the post. 

OkCupid already offered 22 gender options and 20 orientation options. In 2018, the platform let daters designate their preferred pronouns, and the company says more than 2 million straight and LGBTQ daters have added them to their profiles.