Pride Month 2021: LGBTQ parades, events and activities this June

June is Pride Month. See how you can get involved, whether it's from your couch or joining a parade in your city.

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Celebrate Pride Month from your home or at an event.
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June marks the 51st celebration of Pride Month, a time when millions of people come together in support of the LGBTQ community by walking in parades and attending festivals. This year, many celebrations across the globe will resume as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and more people receive a coronavirus vaccine.

Why does Pride Month take place in June? It goes back to June 28, 1969, when police raided a gay club called the Stonewall Inn in New York. Though the police claimed the bar was operating with an improper liquor license, the raid was about nothing more than violently harassing and arresting LGBTQ people in one of the few places where they felt safe. 

Similar raids on gay-friendly businesses had been occurring for decades, but Stonewall was one of the first times when the patrons fought back. A diverse crowd of lesbians, gay men and transgender women, many of whom were people of color, clashed with the police, threw bottles and refused to be intimidated. The six-day period of protests and demonstrations is now known as the Stonewall Riots. A New York rally held the next year to commemorate the first anniversary of the riots started the now-regular tradition of Pride Month.

Below, we suggest ways you can get involved, what you can watch and read, and other ways to celebrate the LGBTQ community. 

Attend a Pride parade or festival

This year, some Pride Month festivities will resume in person, depending on where you live. However, many have been postponed until later this year or next due to the coronavirus. If you can't find a parade in your area (you can search "Pride parade Chicago," for instance), see if there are other events you can attend.

San Francisco, for example, will not have a parade, but will have a Pride movie night with face masks and social distancing required. Los Angeles will have two outdoor Pride events. See this calendar for more Pride events happening around the world in June. 

Atlanta Pride Run is also happening this year in person. The run is for generating LGBTQ awareness in the community. You can also participate in this event virtually -- see below.

You can also find Pride events for different parts of the LGBTQ community including women, transgender people and people of color. 


Netflix has many shows and movies for Pride Month.

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Support Pride organizations by donating

Can't make it to any events but would like to support the LGBTQ community? You can do so by donating to Pride organizations. The International LGBTQ Travel Association organization helps provide marketing support to LGBTQ businesses. 

What to watch for Pride Month -- and where

Netflix has a genre page for Pride Month, including movies, TV shows, documentaries, GLAAD award nominees and more. New seasons of Feel Good and Elite will also be available in June, Netflix told CNET.

Amazon Prime Video also has a landing page to honor Pride Month. The collection Live Out Loud celebrates and highlights LGBTQ creators, actors, producers, writers and filmmakers. 

Hulu has a designated page for Pride Month, too. A popular option is the Pride documentary.

CNET editors have recommendations for LGBTQ movies and shows to watch in June -- or any other time. Some of these include The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson, Portrait of a Lady on Fire and Moonlight.

What to read during Pride Month

Here's what CNET editors recommend adding to your reading list this summer.

Reach out to your company's diversity and inclusion groups

If you'd like to get involved for Pride Month at work, you can contact your company's diversity and inclusion groups to see how you can help. You could help coordinate a virtual event where you play trivia games and decorate your Zoom background with a Pride flag. If your company doesn't have any Pride events scheduled, consider organizing one yourself.


Host a Pride event on Zoom for your company.

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How to show your support from home

There are plenty of ways to show your support from home. We've listed several to get you started.

  • Hang a Pride flag outside your home.
  • Place a Pride sticker on your car.
  • Host your own Pride-themed movie night.
  • Wear some Pride clothing.
  • Join virtual events.
  • Be an ally to your LGBTQ colleagues, friends and family members. 
  • Support LGBTQ organizations in schools.
  • Support businesses that support the LGBTQ community.

Celebrate virtually

If there's not a Pride event happening near you, don't fret. There are plenty of ways to celebrate virtually, and even watch Pride parades and events happening around the world. You can also participate in events virtually -- for instance, the Atlanta Pride Run has a virtual option you can sign up for and run anywhere you want (plus, it comes with a shirt).

Look up events you're interested in watching or being a part of, even if it's in another country, because there will likely be a link for viewing. Here's a calendar of Pride events happening around the world.