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Nintendo flask gives new meaning to 'drinking game'

Extend your geek flair to your drinking habits with this flask designed to resemble a game cartridge.

Drunk Hunt game cartridge flask
It doesn't come with a zapper light gun.
Ink Whiskey

If you were a kid back when the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) first ruled the gaming world, your drink of choice was probably soda or milk. Now that you're all grown up, you may like your gaming with a shot of something harder. You might as well keep that liquid substance in a stylish container that matches your retro gaming fandom.

The Ink Whiskey Concealable Entertainment Flask on Kickstarter is pretty self-explanatory. It's a flask that looks like an NES game cartridge, right down to the classic dull-gray color. Sure, the flask is in disguise, but people may wonder why you're carrying a game in your back pocket.

Naturally, each food-grade plastic flask sports a game label, but they're not replicas of any existing game. The options include Drunk Hunt, Super Bar-Hop Bros., CastleVodka, the Legend of Drink, and Metal Beer. The artwork plays off of the style of the original gaming labels.

With only a few days left on the project, the funding goal already has been topped off. You can get a Drunk Hunt-labeled flask for $15 or choose from one of the other labels at the $20 level. So, go ahead: Raise your flask to retro gaming and make a toast to the perks of adulthood.

Drunk Hunt cartridge flask
Remember to game responsibly. Ink Whiskey