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Spray gets you drunk instantly... but not for long

New product from designer Philippe Starck delivers just the right amount of alcohol in just the right (or is it wrong?) way.

Starck, one of the mad scientists behind instant drunkenness.

If you're in the United States and under 21 years of age, you really need to stop reading right now. In fact, I'm not sure I want anyone under 25 to know about this thing. Seriously, go look at some phone or video game reviews for a few minutes instead.

You're all still here aren't you?

Fine, then -- I tried. No, the headline doesn't lie. A French-American scientist named David Edwards has teamed up with French designer Philippe Starck -- who may or may not be behind some epic Apple product -- to create an aerosol spray that purports to make you "feel drunk" for a few seconds.

WA|HH Quantum Sensations will run you about $26 for a tiny container containing about 20 sprays. Each spray is a miniscule .075 ml of alcohol, compared with the 40 to 60 ml you'd find in a regular drink. But the developers say, essentially, that their special delivery system launches the perfect amount of happy hobo nectar in the perfect way to achieve a buzz for a few sweet seconds in a manner that's both safe and healthy.

Edwards is a bit of a mad scientist when it comes to delivering guilty pleasures without the guilt, having also developed sprays and sonic systems that deliver flavors without the hassle of actually eating anything. Of course, those inventions seem like they might actually perform a service to a society plagued by an obesity epidemic.

A vial of instant, on-demand drunk seems a little more concerning; let's just hope he never inks a deal with Five Hour Energy. At the very least, perhaps Edwards could incorporate a locking mechanism similar to the one onthis beer fridge.

(Via AFP (Google Translation))