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Netflix goes 'Dark' in teaser for German supernatural drama

The mysterious new series is one of several Netflix original shows coming from Europe this year.

It's after dark -- do you know where your children are? The parents in new Netflix show "Dark" certainly don't. Check out the trailer to get your first glimpse of this original show, Netflix's first German-language outing.

Honestly, what is it about kids in TV shows? They're always going missing. In this case, the disappearance of two young children in a modern-day German town exposes the secrets among four families, linking back to something weird in the same town back in the 1980s.

Described as a family saga with a supernatural twist, "Dark" is Netflix's first show produced in Germany, part of a range of European content including shows from Spain and Italy.

"Dark" consists of ten hour-long episodes. One advantage of Netflix's backing is the casting of unknown actors and fresh faces. In fact, according to director Baran Bo Odar, Netflix told the filmmakers, "We don't really know German actors -- just get the best ones."

Netflix announced the news at a press event in Berlin today, where creators and stars from the streaming service's forthcoming original shows gave a taste of what we can expect from outside the US. New shows are coming from Italy, Spain and Germany, joining the line-up of original Netflix productions from France, Mexico and the UK.

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