More ways to wear an iPod on your head

The look is dork chic. Or just dork.


Silly us. It had been awhile since we'd seen an example of the ridiculous headgear flooding the market, so we naively thought companies had come to their senses and stopped making the ludicrous devices.

Then, of course, along comes something like "iXoundWear" to bring us back to reality. Although not quite as doofus-looking as the "iWalk," the iXoundWear line nonetheless is full of effective date-repelling products. And they can keep you free on Saturday nights all year 'round, because they come in styles that range from apparel appropriate for summertime (visors) through winter (knit caps), according to Cool Gadgets Zone.

All come in around $20, which means you can still save up for a solar fan hat or, if it's a really special occasion, a "Head Spa Massager."