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How to wear an iPod on your head

'iWalk' is latest way to look like a dork


There's apparently a booming business in marketing headgear that makes people look like idiots. How else can one explain the popularity of such products as the solar fan hat and the "Head Spa Massager"?

Witness the latest entry into the lucrative field of nerd apparel--the "iWalk" headphones, as seen on Coolest-Gadgets. This ingenius invention is kind of the MP3 equivalent of the beer hat, with a slot on one side that holds an iPod instead of a 12-ounce Bud Light. It gets better: The same player can be shared by two sets of headphones for Siamese dorkdom. But we think "I Walk Alone" would still be the most appropriate theme song.

There's at least one saving grace. The iWalk has the ability to fold away, for when its owner sobers up.