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Mike Pence's email envelops social media

Social Cues: Also trending on Facebook are Uber and Tom Hanks.


An email hack can be pretty problematic. An email hack when you're Mike Pence -- well, that's worse.

The vice president and former Indiana governor is Friday's top trending topic across social media after reports revealed that his private AOL email account was hacked in June. Also trending on Twitter is Ed Sheeran's newest album.

Social Cues is our look at the top trending topics of the day on Facebook and Twitter. Here is what people are talking about this Friday:

#PenceEmails: Pence is the top trending topic on Facebook and Twitter as he faces an email controversy. Pence allegedly used his personal AOL email account for sensitive state business while serving as Indiana's governor, the Indianapolis Star reported Thursday. His use of private email has raised security concerns because the account was hacked in June. On social media, people are calling out Pence for using an insecure account and for the alleged hypocrisy of it all. Pence and President Donald Trump intensely criticized Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for using a private email server while she served as secretary of state.

#DIVIDE: Singer Ed Sheeran dropped a new album on Friday, sparking the trending topic on Twitter. More than 175,000 tweets are using the hashtag, and Sheeran has been tweeting along with fans. The album title sticks with the theme of Sheeran's previous two albums: 2011's "+" (plus) and 2014's "x" (multiply). The theme is something that even anti-mathers can appreciate.

Tom Hanks: Hey, T.hanks! The actor is trending on Facebook for giving an espresso machine to the White House press corps Thursday. Hanks sent the gift with a note to the journalists, saying: "Keep up the good fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. Especially for the Truth part." This isn't the first time he's given the White House press corps caffeine-themed gifts. There was an espresso maker in 2004 and another coffee machine in 2010. He knows what journalists need. If you're reading this, Tom Hanks, here are CNET's roundup of the best coffee makers.

Uber: The hits just keep coming for the ride-hailing app. With a sexual harassment scandal, a lawsuit from Google and a video showing CEO Travis Kalanick in an argument, Uber has another problem headed its way in the UK. The company is trending on Facebook after losing a court case in which London's transport authority insisted that Uber drivers must pass an English language test. During the trial, Uber argued that the decision would mean losing thousands of drivers. On Facebook, many agreed with the court's decision, contending that drivers must be able to read street signs.

#KeepTwitterPositiveBy: Let's face it, Twitter can be a cesspool of negativity. The social network has tried to address the issue by providing more tools to take on trolls. Its users are trying to generate more ideas through this trending hashtag. Some tips include avoiding politics, blocking trolls and caring less about grammar. My advice remains: never tweet. It seems like the only winning move on Twitter is not to play.

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