Megyn Kelly accuses Shutterfly of lying

Commentary: In a series of tweets, the Fox News anchor says the personalized photo and card service let her down badly over a Christmas card order.

Chris Matyszczyk
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Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

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Shutterfly appears to have upset Megyn Kelly.

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Megyn Kelly isn't having a happy Christmas.

At least not yet.

It's not that she's still waiting for a Christmas card from Donald Trump. It's that she's had her own Christmas card order messed up. Allegedly.

In a series of tweets on Friday, the Fox News anchor railed at photo and card service Shutterfly.

"Hey@Shutterfly -- thanks for lying for weeks about sending out our Christmas card order only to admit today it was all B.S," she tweeted, adding the hashtag #notprofessional.

There was more: "I will never use this service (@Shutterly) again. Lied right to us about our Xmas cards only to admit later they failed & covered it up."

There is nothing worse than a coverup. I'm sure Kelly has covered many in her time. But her excoriation of Shutterfly -- publicly on Twitter -- suggests a serious issue.

Kelly insisted she wasn't a serial exposer of bad customer service. "FWIW, I have never used twitter to publicly shame a company before in my life. @Shutterfly was so outrageously deceptive, they deserved it," she said.

Shutterfly didn't immediately respond to a request for comment, however other customers tweeted Kelly their own Shutterfly-related woes.

I feel sure, though, that any alleged failure in its service didn't completely derail Kelly's Christmas.

My certainty comes from a retweet she offered, one that quoted a line from her new book "Settle For More": "The test of strength is not avoiding emotional distress; it's functioning in the face of it."

There is, indeed, hope that she has functioned enough to achieve success. Later on Friday, Kelly offered one more tweet in the Shutterfly Saga: "Shutterfly now working to resolve Christmascardgate. Appreciate it, but hope others w/o Twitter presence can get same att'n."

I just hope that she, all Shutterfly customers and everyone in these pages enjoys very happy holidays.