This Death Star looks good enough to eat

These French confections are strong with the Force (and buttercream) thanks to food blogger Mike Tamplin.

Bonnie Burton
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Droids, Wookiees, and the Death Star never tasted so good! Mike Tamplin

"Star Wars" and snacks seem to go hand in hand with geeky pastry chefs and fans who show their love for a galaxy far, far away through icing. Food blogger Mike Tamplin wanted to do something a bit different that the usual cookie decorating homage to "Star Wars."

On his cookie blog Semi Sweet Designs, Tamplin decided to try his hand at making the delectable cookie sandwiches known as French macarons decorated as R2-D2, Chewbacca, and the Death Star.

Tamplin gives step-by-step instructions on how to make and decorate the Star Wars macarons on his blog.

The Chewbacca macarons were made with chocolate macaron shells and a chocolate ganache filling. R2-D2 macarons are made of white, almond-flavored macaron shells with a vanilla buttercream center tinted blue. The Death Star macarons are lemon-flavored macaron shells with a vanilla buttercream filling tinted grey.

"Out of the three designs I made, I loved how the Death Star required the least amount of work but still looked cool enough to appreciate," Tamplin told Crave. "I just had to pipe a few lines of royal icing, add a few black dots with a food marker, and they were done. The other two designs required layering royal icing, which takes a while to wait for each layer to dry before moving on to the next."

Wookiee cookies are nothing compared to these Chewbacca macarons.
Wookiee cookies are nothing compared to these Chewbacca macarons. Mike Tamplin

Tamplin is no stranger to paying a tasty tribute to Star Wars. He's made Ewok cookies and Jabba the Hutt cookies -- both with printable templates for fans who want to make their own.

"There is so many aspects of Star Wars that can be made into treats," Tamplin told Crave. "With the news that more Star Wars movies are being made, that just introduces more areas to get creative. I really look forward to challenging myself with a new Star Wars themed treat next year."

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