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Will Kanye West make an appearance on Rick and Morty?

Pickle Kanye? The rapper's tweet of art inspired by the show has fans taking sides about whether he should guest-star.

Pickle Rick? How about Pickle Kim and Kanye? On Tuesday, rapper Kanye West tweeted out an image of himself and wife Kim Kardashian drawn in the familiar cartoony style of Rick and Morty

West didn't identify the artist, but the image was created by Twitter user Nikki Nebula, who tweeted it out with the message, "I drew Kim and Kanye Rick and Morty style traveling through the dimensions together with their portal gun!" 

The image earned more than 120,000 likes in less than a day and had many fans speculating that Kanye could become an animated character in a future Rick and Morty episode. 

A representative for Adult Swim confirmed the art was fan art, and said the network had no official comment on whether West might someday appear on the show.

Some fans liked the idea of West showing up in Rick and Morty's universe. "We want Pickle Kanye," wrote one Twitter user.

Others were less thrilled. One person wrote, "I swear to God if Kanye taints Rick and Morty with his nonsense I'll cry."

The creator of the image, Nikki Nebula, was unsure if West joining the show was a good plan.

"I'm not sure if he could be in Rick and Morty, 'cause I've never seen any celebrities in the show, and I feel like it wouldn't fit quite well," she said. "But I would love to see Kanye do a spin-off of his own animation."

West also shared an image of what appears to be a text conversation between the spouses in which he shares a similar drawing of the two, and asks his wife, "May I take you to another galaxy?" It's since been deleted, but Vice grabbed a screenshot.

This isn't the rapper's first interaction with the Adult Swim animated show. Back in May, the musician called Rick and Morty's 70-episode renewal "the greatest news," writing, "this is my favorite show."

That tweet led to show creator Justin Roiland responding that the two should get together soon.

And in June, when West turned 41, Roiland had his characters deliver a special audio birthday card to West. (They crawled into his bed to steal some hair for cloning him and... Hey, it's Rick and Morty, just go with it.)

There's no official return date for Rick and Morty yet, but the show's Twitter account recently shared a fun blooper reel from the infamous Pickle Rick episode.

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