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Jurassic Park Lego set resurrected on Lego Ideas

After being cancelled on Lego's crowdsourced set ideas website last year, the Jurassic Park set is taking another stab at life.

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Sami Mustonen

In what is possibly the most appropriate thing we've seen on Lego Ideas, a Jurassic Park set has made a return from the grave -- arriving once more on Lego Ideas after Lego shut the original project down on Lego Cuusoo last year, since another toy company held the license for the Jurassic Park IP.

With the announcement that Lego would be making a Jurassic World set, however, the way seems clear for the original set to make a comeback.

While last year may, perhaps, have been more appropriate -- in line with the film's 20th anniversary -- this go at the rodeo seems to be gathering a lot of momentum, with creator Sami Mustonen -- AKA Senteosan -- over halfway to his 10,000 votes after just three weeks on the site.

Sami Mustonen

The set contains the park gates, a terrifying T.rex, the iconic green, yellow and red Ford Explorer, and minifigs of Dr Alan Grant, Dr Ellie Sattler and Dr Ian Malcolm. Senteosan has also listed a stegosaurus and the T.rex as separate Lego Ideas projects.

If the conceptual set manages to collect 10,000 votes from Lego and Jurassic Park fans, Lego will take the set under real consideration for release as a licensed Lego product.

Here's hoping that the fans find a way. Head on over to Lego Ideas to sign in and give the project your vote.

Sami Mustonen