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Watch Will Smith smash a watermelon with The Slow Mo Guys

Will Smith teams up with The Slow Mo Guys to destroy everything from produce to a car window.


As an action star, Will Smith is probably well acquainted with slow motion. After a visit with The Slow Mo Guys, though, there's even more frame-by-frame Smith than ever before. 

In a video posted Wednesday, Smith delivers destruction to several watermelons with baseball bats and swords, and even defeats versions of himself (mannequins with his face) using a flame thrower. If you're wondering why Smith burned his own face off, you should know that he stars in the new thriller Gemini Man, in which he plays an assassin who encounters a younger clone of himself

On Twitter, Free said, "When I started slow mo guys in my mum's back garden in England, I never would have imagined that one day I'd be in LA making a video with Will Smith."

Some attempts are more epic than others. The sword-versus-watermelon showdown is precise and clean. The potato cannon versus car, on the other hand -- well, as Slow Mo Guy Gavin Free put it, the car wins.

Originally published Oct. 10.
Update, Oct. 11: Adds tweet from Gavin Free. 

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