Big Dick Energy, thy name is Waluigi

Commentary: He who sparks a revolution without saying a word has BDE.

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Waluigi has gamers eating out of the palm of his hand. Waluigi can start a movement without saying a word. Waluigi has Big Dick Energy. 

If you have to ask what Big Dick Energy is, you probably don't have it. Either that or you've not spent the last few days on the dankest corners of the internet. 

Big Dick Energy, or BDE, has become a thing over the past week or so. It started with a tweet following the tragic death of Anthony Bourdain, of all things. 

But it really blew up when pop star Ariana Grande made a joke (?) about her fiance, SNL's Pete Davidson, saying he has a 10-inch penis. Standard stuff. But Grande only started dating Davidson in May, which led to questions about why they got engaged so quickly. 

A tweeter chimed in with some of the many reasons she too would have gotten engaged to the guy fast, saying he "exudes big dick energy, looks evil but apparently is an angel and loves his girl publicly." 

Thus, 25,000 retweets later, a meme is born. Big. Dick. Energy. The internet has for the past day or two been obsessed with Big Dick Energy. What is it? Who has it? Who doesn't have it?
BDE isn't gender-specific. It's not a literal description, but a vibe. It's having a healthy disregard for what people think about you because you already know you're the bomb. Think of Rihanna : She is universally hailed as having BDE. Rihanna doesn't care what you think, Rihanna is gonna Rihanna. Star Wars icon Carrie Fisher's BDE was "off the charts," one tweeter suggested. 

Which brings me back to Waluigi. If ever a video game character had Big Dick Energy, it's Waluigi. 

He made his debut in 2000's Mario Tennis, and is essentially the bizarro, evil version of Luigi. In the last 18 years, Waluigi has revealed next to nothing about himself to gamers. Yet gamers love him. 

Nintendo's E3 press conference this year was all about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, with the company boldly proclaiming that every Smash character ever would be in the game. But fans revolted when they discovered Waluigi would once again be left out of the action. He's in the game, as an Assist Trophy that can be activated by an item, but he's not a playable character. 

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That's just not good enough for good ol' Waluigi, fans said. Even the Washington Post joined the revolution Nintendo is already listening. 

"Certainly Mr. Sakurai will be aware of the groundswell of support that appeared for a Waluigi," Nintendo of America President Reggie Fis-Aime recently told Waypoint, referencing Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai. "And in the end it's his decision to make."  

In other words, Waluigi is going to make it into the Smash Bros. roster by sheer force of BDE alone. 

He's not the only Nintendo character with BDE. Yoshi has BDE. Bowser? Possible BDE. Samus' BDE is through the roof. But if the internet is going to give Big Dick Energy a face, I, for one, cast my vote for Waluigi. 

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