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Someone wrote a kids' book to explain bitcoin and blockchain

Welcome to 2018 and a children's book that teaches us how to find our place in the world... using the blockchain.

Mark Serrels Editorial Director
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Mark Serrels

At around 7 p.m. every night you can catch me reading bedtime stories for my two children. On current rotation: Dave's Cave, a weird Avengers book and a million bedtime stories about dinosaurs.

But those books can go straight in the trash because finally -- finally -- someone has written a children's story about the blockchain .

Meet Blocky.

Brett Biery

Blocky is the main character in A Place in the Blockchain, a children's story designed to explain blockchain and bitcoin technology to kids. It's the creation of Brett Biery, a software developer and blockchain enthusiast. 

Watch this: What the heck is blockchain?

You can download it for free on Amazon.

Brett Biery

From the book's Amazon page:

A Place in the Blockchain is a picture book for children about a character named "Blocky" struggling to find it's place in the blockchain. Blocky's adventure to discover his place in the blockchain covers many of the same emotions childrens will experience as they deal with their own adventures of fitting in at school and with friends. In the end Blocky is able to find his place.  

According to Biery's Reddit post A Place in the Blockchain is meant to be "a fun tribute to the technology" that helps explain blockchain technology using words children will understand. 

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