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Smartphone nose-hair trimmer mows your nostrils on the go

The world may not be ready for a smartphone nose-hair trimmer, but thanks to Japanese retailer Thanko, it's going to have to deal with one.

Standalone electric nose-hair trimmers aren't inherently weird, but there's just something squicky about hooking one up to your phone and letting your delicate little nostril fibers float down over your screen as you trim your hirsute snout. Try not to sneeze while you're at it.

Buzz your excess nose hairs into oblivion with your smartphone.


Japanese retailer Thanko isn't one to shy away from the bizarre, so we welcome its Smartphone Nose Hair Cutter to the pantheon of devices that make you say "ewww."  

SoraNews24 brought our attention to this unique gadget and made an astute observation: "We literally cannot imagine anyone ever using it." You don't need your imagination, because Thanko provided some product photos of the cutter in use, though the model's nose hairs seem to be digitally exaggerated. 

The trimmer features a USB connector that folds out of the way to reveal a smaller connector designed to hook up with an Apple iPhone or Android phone to power the buzzer. You'll need to specify which model you want when you order. 

Thanko says the cutter is convenient for emergency pruning procedures before you head into important business meetings. You don't want your gnarly schnoz bristles to cost you that critical contract or promotion.

The trimmer costs ¥1,480 (about $13, £10, AU$17) and ships to Japan, so you may need to find a proxy if you want to have it shipped internationally. Or perhaps this is just one of the those gadgets you should admire from afar.