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Click away in the air with Thanko finger mouse

The Flick Finger Mouse can ease the strain on your wrist by bringing your clicks off the desktop. But you'll need a strong thumb.

Thanko Flick Finger Mouse

We've seen plenty of gestural alternatives to the standard wireless mouse, but here's one that's lightweight enough to hang on your index finger.

The Flick Finger Mouse from the indefatigable gadget magicians at Japan's Thanko lets you manipulate a cursor by pointing in the air and clicking with your thumb.

Designed for Windows, Mac, and Android, the pointer has two modes: laser and air. In the former it works as an ordinary mouse, but set it to "air" and it's no longer bound to your desk.

Equipped with a high-efficiency gyro sensor, the gadget clips to your index finger with a plastic ring and hangs on the side.

Your thumb can click either of the two main mouse buttons. It weighs about half an ounce, and might be ideal for doing PowerPoint-style presentations at business meetings.

It's handy for pointing and clicking, but it doesn't seem to have a scroll function like the wheel on a conventional wireless mouse.

The Flick Finger Mouse can be recharged via USB; charging it for 90 minutes gives it enough juice to operate for 24 hours, according to Thanko. It can also be used with tablets and smartphones provided you buy a USB adapter, sold separately.

Thanko is offering the Flick Finger Mouse for 6,980 yen ($71), and it's available in black or white. Check it out in the promo vid below.