Smart bowl snitches on you for double-dipping, you monster

Philadelphia Dips' sensor-equipped, pressure-sensitive Double Diptector bowl is watching you.

Amanda Kooser
Amanda Kooser
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Philadelphia Dips' smart bowl alerts you to a major party foul.

Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

You plunge your chip into a bowl of dip. You lift it to your lips and take a bite. You dive back into the dip with the ragged, saliva-tinged edge. You've just committed a party sin. But now there's a smart bowl that can catch you in the act.

Philadelphia Dips, from the same Kraft Foods brand famous for cream cheese, has created a Double Diptector smart bowl prototype and put it up for auction on eBay. It's both a publicity stunt and a way to raise money for hunger-relief charity Feeding America.

The gadget consists of a sensor-equipped, pressure-sensitive bowl that pairs with a smartphone camera. 

The bowl's motion-tracking technology can supposedly tell the different between a single dip and someone returning for a double dip. When the party pariah is caught, the app sounds an alarm and snaps a photo of the culprit for shaming purposes.

The eBay auction is currently up to $305 and only ships to the US. The winner will also receive a smartphone running the app and a tablet to monitor the Diptector.

The Double Diptector arrives just in time for your holiday parties, so you can get a little Grinchy on anyone who dares to violate the sanctity of your jalapeno cheddar cream cheese dip.

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