How to outfit your supervillain lair (pictures)

Congratulations, you've achieved supervillain status! You will now be issued with a bespoke bulletproof suit, a superyacht and the keys to a cliff-clinging mansion. Enjoy.


Amanda Kooser

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1 of 10 OPA

Your dramatic supervillain mansion

Living la vida supervillain requires deep pockets, a sense of extravagance and a willingness to do ridiculous things like building mansions in remote locations and dropping enough dough on a yacht to make Warren Buffet blush. Here's a handy guide to transforming your world into a lifestyle befitting a supervillain.

Every supervillain needs a lair, preferably an impractical one. Casa Brutale is a cliff-hanging concept home design from design network OPA (Open Platform for Architecture). It features dramatic views, lots of windows, an indoor pool (for your pet cyborg sharks) and a sheer drop below. It's an ideal place to sit and contemplate the mysteries of life or plot to take over the world.

Supervillain superyacht
2 of 10 John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs

Your superyacht awaits

This $15 million (about £10.5 million, AU$19.3 million ) yacht from John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs looks like a cross between a knife and a Star Trek ship. The pointy design communicates a subtle sense of menace. You'll be needing this to traverse the water to your own private supervillain island. You will also need it to host cocktail parties to which you invite James Bond. Better stock up on martini supplies.

3 of 10 Harow

A gold skull armchair

Plotting to take over the world can really take its toll. You need to sit down and relax on occasion, but not just any old chair will do. This gold-plated fiberglass skull chair from French design firm Harow may be the finest piece of supervillain furniture ever created. The chair is even cushioned in black velvet. It's comfortable and it's crazy, just like you.

4 of 10 What We Do

A frickin' laser shark

This is a lemon shark with a laser attached to its dorsal fin. It was part of an experiment designed to test fin attachments. The laser is low-power, so you won't actually be able to do anything to your superhero or super-spy nemesis. Hopefully, the mere concept of a laser shark is enough to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.

5 of 10 Fallen Furniture

Sit in a jet engine

Every supervillain lives for that special moment when the camera zooms in on the back of your chair and you slowly swivel around to reveal your identity. Make the most of it with this chair crafted by Fallen Furniture from a 737 engine cowling. It's big. It's shiny. It swivels. What more could you possibly want? Okay, maybe a fluffy cat to sit on your lap would be a good idea.

6 of 10 Goldgenie

Get around your supervillain lair on one wheel

Supervillains tend to go in for very large properties. You shouldn't have to spend all your time walking just to get from one side of your private island to the next. Instead, step up on this $44,000 (£28,000, AU$57,000) gold-plated Segwheel from blingsters Goldgenie. It's just the right balance between extravagance and ridiculousness.

7 of 10 Garrison Bespoke

Bespoke bulletproof suit

Every supervillain needs to look cool. If you're going up against a super-spy, then you really should try your best to look dapper. Canadian tailor shop Garrison Bespoke can fit you for a bulletproof suit that is sleek and (hopefully) effective. A layer of carbon nanotubes under the fabric is the hidden secret to this suit.

8 of 10 Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Get your Green Goblin on

What kind of supervillain are you? Are you the helicopter and yacht type, or do you prefer something a little more personal, like a crazy-fast working hoverboard. The Flyboard Air from Zapata Racing will let you get your Green Goblin on in style. It has a top speed of 93.2 mph (150 km/h) and can go as high as 10,000 feet. Spider-Man had better watch out.

9 of 10 Quadrofoil

Hydrofoil sports car for quick escapes

At some point in your life as a supervillain, you will need to make a quick and dramatic escape from your enemy. This fancy hydrofoiling vehicle will help you flee across the water while cackling maniacally. The Quadrofoil is a great choice for your getaways thanks to the flashy design with leg-like foils extending from the sides. You will never catch me, Mr. Bond! Bwahahahahaha!

10 of 10 RSL Steeper

A bionic hand

The BeBionic 3 is a bionic hand with an impressive grip strength. It's just the sort of thing you need to set yourself apart from all the other supervillains. You'll just need to give yourself a catchy nickname, like Handcrusher or Silverknuckles.

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