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Samurai armor for cats and dogs turns Rover into a ronin

Bring out your pet's inner warrior with a suit of samurai armor designed to fit our furry friends.

Wow. So samurai. A pup rocks a custom set of battle armor.
Samurai Age

Japanese retailer Samurai Age makes novelty reproductions inspired by feudal warrior armor. Most of the products are for humans to wear and display. Not content to just cater to people, Samurai Age now offers wearable suits of armor sized for cats and dogs

The pet armor, brought to our attention by Boing Boing, is available in red, black, silver or gold and comes in a standard small size to fit cats and petite pooches. It's made from foam and resin, keeping it lightweight. The traditional plated styling also allows for freedom of movement so your feline warrior can still catch catnip mice while suited up for battle.

Samurai Age is also willing to build custom suits of armor for larger critters. The armorer notes you shouldn't force your pet to dress up if it doesn't want to, but animals that already dig wearing clothes probably won't have any problem looking like extras from a Kurosawa film

Samurai Age ships overseas and a small suit of pet armor starts at about $130 (£100, AU$170). Whether or not it will instill a sense of honor, loyalty and frugality in your lazy cat is another matter.