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Dog battle armor turns Fido into a mutt-at-arms

Dogs make perfect knights. They're loyal, brave and great at sitting in laps. Elevate your pup to knighthood with a custom suit of battle armor.

Behold the rare war-spaniel.


For the night is dark and full of canines. We've all heard the warnings about winter coming, so it's time to dress the dog for battle against the forces of evil. You never know when a White Walker might stumble into your backyard looking to destroy your body and soul. You had best suit Fido up in a custom set of doggy battle armor for safety.

The armor comes from Etsy shop Lebovskiart. The seller mainly specializes in repainting dolls and crafting custom armor for humans, from gauntlets to full sets. The handmade dog armor verges into the fantasy realm with fun touches like tusks emerging from the helmet and an ornate intertwined design over the snout.

The decorative protective gear is made from aluminum, wood, paint, varnish and leather. The aluminum keeps the weight down, so it won't cramp your pup's playful style. The back armor is done in a classic segmented plate style, while chain mail hangs down from the sides.

Ritcho the Cocker Spaniel models the armor. Lebovskiart notes, "My dog does not like very much those strange clothes, but it is big fun indeed." This particular set of armor will fit similarly sized dogs and will set you back $367 (about £250, AU$500). If you have a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, then you can contact Lebovskiart for a custom suit of armor sized to fit your pooch.

Previously, it seemed like cats had all the fun with armor. This leather-clad getup would make He-Man's Battle Cat proud. People with 3D printers, cats and a little bit of time to kill can download and print out this spiky set of armor. The segmented scorpion-style tail piece is optional.

Lebovskiart's armor will help your fluffernutter fit right in at the local Renaissance fair. It's also ideal for cosplay conventions and walks around the block each night before "Game of Thrones." If anybody asks your dog's name, all you have to say is "The Hound."

(Via Technabob)