Forget pot, Elon Musk is now raving about ramen

Does the Tesla and SpaceX billionaire have the munchies?

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper
CNET freelancer Gael Fashingbauer Cooper, a journalist and pop-culture junkie, is co-author of "Whatever Happened to Pudding Pops? The Lost Toys, Tastes and Trends of the '70s and '80s," as well as "The Totally Sweet '90s." If Marathon candy bars ever come back, she'll be first in line.
Gael Fashingbauer Cooper

  Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk  is a hopeless ramen-tic.

The billionaire, who earned a scolding from NASA for briefly smoking marijuana on comedian Joe Rogan's podcast in September, posted about another craveable item on Thursday night.

"Ramen is sooo good," Musk tweeted, decorating the phrase with emoji of hearts and bowls of the tasty Japanese noodle soup.

By midday on Friday, the tweet had been liked more than 260,000 times and retweeted more than 57,000 times.

It didn't take long for fans to start joking about a connection to the infamous smoking podcast, including some who noodled around and Photoshopped Musk and ramen into combo images.

And there were jokes about Musk's Mars dreams.

Others just wanted to post photos of their own favorite ramen meals, or offer restaurant or recipe recommendations (always get the egg).

Of course, some had to tease about ramen's famous reputation as an inexpensive meal, considering Musk's own bank balance. "Yeah, but how many years can you afford to splurge like that?" cracked one Twitter user.

Musk must've satisfied his ramen craving on Thursday, because on Friday, he was back to tweeting about Tesla.

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