Bob Ross toaster burns his happy little face on your breakfast

Experience the joy of toasting.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser

Happy little breads.

Uncanny Brands

If the bread from your Darth Vader toaster is starting to look too dour, you might want to happy things up with a Bob Ross toaster instead. Just as it promises, the appliance burns a portrait of painter Bob Ross and his famously fluffy hair onto your breakfast.

The toaster comes from Uncanny Brands, which has a license to make weird Bob Ross products. Uncanny also makes a Death Star popcorn machine, Star Wars BB8 waffle maker and other assorted pop-culture novelty kitchen appliances.

But how accurate is the toaster's rendition of Bob Ross, beloved host of The Joy of Painting? Gift-guide site Oddity Mall posted a video of the toaster in action. The resulting amorphous image could pass for one of Ross's happy little clouds. 

The toaster might not be as artistically skilled as Ross was, but the colorful illustration of the painter and his work on the outside will at least brighten your morning.

The $40 toaster is US-only at this time, so international fans of happy little trees are out of luck. Instead, you can trip out on an episode of The Joy of Painting as filtered through the psychedelic mind of a neural network.