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Helmet-shaped Darth Vader toaster takes bread to the Dark Side

The Darth Vader toaster gets a significant upgrade with a helmet shape that sucks in your bread and returns it a little more evil than when it started.

Darth Vader toaster
Bread, I am your toaster. License 2 Play

Your kitchen is not yet complete because this sweet Darth Vader helmet-shaped toaster has not yet reached the market. Due in June, the $50 appliance makes it look like you lopped the Sith Lord's head off with a lightsaber and left it on your kitchen counter.

The toaster burns a Darth Vader portrait into one side of the bread and the "Star Wars" logo into the other. Your results may vary with your toasting skills and how you have the toaster settings arranged. I once saw a similar Hello Kitty toaster that left what looked like a portrait of Satan on the bread. At least the Darth Vader toaster intends to burn an image of evil onto your breakfast.

It's worth noting that the Darth Vader toaster has been done before, but it was a much lazier effort featuring a normal toaster shape that just happened to be black and sport a "Star Wars" logo. That's no way to make a "Star Wars" appliance. The upcoming version would roast that boring old toaster alive and serve it to a starving army of Stormtroopers. As a bonus, this toaster will also keep your other kitchen appliances in line using fear.

The recommended method for making breakfast with this toaster is to place two pieces of bread into the slots, push down on the lever, and make loud breathing noises until your toast is delivered. Slather some butter or jam on with a lightsaber and enjoy a little taste of the Empire.

(Via That's Nerdalicious)