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Ikea AR catalog gets under furniture's skin

Take a peek inside Ikea's furniture without ever setting foot in a store when you use the company's new augmented-reality 2013 catalog.

Ikea 2013 catalog
The augmented-reality catalog shows how you can fit Ikea stuff into other Ikea stuff.
Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Ikea has already introduced its catalog for mobile devices, but now the Swedish furniture giant is going a little more in-depth with the 2013 edition. There are more than 40 bits of extended content sprinkled throughout the catalog.

The 2013 physical catalog pairs with a special Ikea catalog app to unlock more than meets the eye on the printed page. Unlike the Moosejaw X-ray catalog peep show, expect to see furniture rather than statuesque Scandinavian models.

Some pages of the catalog are marked with a special mobile symbol. Scan those pages with your smartphone or tablet and you'll see films showing decorating ideas or sneak peeks inside of cupboards.

The Ikea catalog has been in print for 61 years. The move into augmented reality shows that you can teach an old catalog new tricks. The catalog and accompanying apps for iOS and Android are due out at the end of the month.

(Via Wired)