Hug this life-size plush BB-8 'Star Wars' droid

Your new cuddle-buddy is a full-size BB-8 droid that will roll its cushiony plush self into your arms and heart.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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BB-8 plush
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BB-8 plush
Cuddle this squishy version of BB-8. ThinkGeek

Droids are good for a lot of things, but hugging isn't usually on the list. They're cold and made mostly from metal and you can accidentally get your fingers caught in the robotic joints. That's why ThinkGeek's exclusive life-size plush BB-8 is attractive. It's squishy. It's soft. It's huggable.

Oh, sure, some people will be satisfied with the BB-8 throw pillow. But others will want to go bigger. The 2-foot-tall (a little over half a meter) toy droid weighs 5.5 pounds (2.5 kilograms) and is weighted to keep the head on top. It's made from polyester fabric and is stuffed with plastic pellets. It can even be machine-washed, provided you have access to a washing machine big enough to fit a whole droid.

BB-8 is already a break-out star of the upcoming "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" movie, due to open in theaters on December 18. The first teaser trailer featured the robot zipping along while making adorable beeping and booping noises.

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The perky rolling droid has been turned into a DIY project and is also the subject of an official BB-8 Sphero product that re-creates the tricky movement patterns in a smaller toy.

ThinkGeek is currently accepting $49.99 (about £30, AU$70) preorders for the jumbo plush. There is a limit of just two toys and there is an extra shipping charge to consider since the product is so big.

The big BB-8 is due in December, so you might get it in time to buy it a ticket for the "Star Wars" premiere and take it as your date.