Hug Me Coat wraps its sad, warm arms around you

The Hug Me Coat wants to give you a hand. More specifically, it wants to give you 10 hands and a reassuring squeeze.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
Hug jacket
Hug away the loneliness. Hill & Aubrey

We've seen some unusual fashion statements around here before. There's a Wampa-skin dress and a jacket that collects rain, for example, but neither is quite as unusual or strangely unsettling as the Hug Me Coat.

The Hug Me Coat comes from Si Leong Chan, a London College of Fashion student. It's a bright green puffer coat with a row of hands with intertwined fingers running down the front. It gives the illusion of many martian arms grasping the model's torso.

Chan is playing with the ideas of connection and loneliness. The jacket is designed to make the wearer look warm and hugged. It certainly achieves that goal, but there's something about it that makes you tilt your head and say, "Hmm." Perhaps it's the fingers around the throat that makes viewing it a little uncomfortable.

Chan's unusual line of menswear is plenty grabby all around. Pink gingham comes into play in a suit that features arms wrapped around the waist and a strategically placed hand cupping a certain delicate area.

Whether or not you would wear these attention-grabbing pieces is another matter. Chan has certainly succeeded in making a statement, and I'm just still working out what that statement is. Now, who wants a hug?

Si Leong Chan pink outfit with hands
This outfit is getting personal. Sara Pista

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