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Raincatch concept coat for intentional water gain

Concept coat collects rain in its large collar, filters it through charcoal, and stores it around your hips to satisfy your thirst. Who needs water fountains when you can wear your own water collector?

Raincatch concept coat
Drinking in the rain. Hyeona Yang/Joshua Noble

We have these things in New Mexico called rain barrels. They're big plastic tanks that catch rain water running off your roof for later use in your garden.

The Raincatch coat concept is like a personal rain barrel or a do-it-yourself CamelBak. Instead of filling up a water bottle and taking it with you, you just catch your drinking water as it falls from the sky.

Hyeona Yang and Joseph Noble, students at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, hatched the Raincatch idea and fashioned a prototype from an existing rain coat.

The coat's collar flares out like a particularly dramatic Dracula cloak. Rain is captured, runs down the back of the coat, flits through charcoal filters, and then zips through a chemical purification process.

The rain is stored in a hidden reservoir around the hips, though I'm not sure how many ladies will be keen to carry extra water around there. The resulting potable water is drinkable through a straw whenever you're feeling a bit thirsty.

The collection of tubes emanating from the front of the black coat gives it a futuristic look that is in line with the DareDroid 2.0 cocktail-dispensing dress. The Raincatch would make a great costume addition for the upcoming Blade Runner film. Someone should send one to Ridley Scott.

Raincatch from Hyeona Yang on Vimeo