Heroic camera lets your wrist do the shooting

The Digital Hero 3 wrist-mounted camera offers a new way to take sports pictures.

Will Greenwald

I love gadgets, especially if they can fit on my wrist. Televisions are cool, but TV watches are cooler. Lasers are awesome, but watches with lasers built into them? Even more awesome. And now there's a camera you can fit onto your wrist.

The Digital Hero 3 is a 3-megapixel, wrist-mounted, waterproof sports camera. It's tiny and hardly the most impressive shooter at CES, but it can take 3-megapixel still images and 30fps VGA videos with sound. It fits inside a waterproof case that straps to your wrist, so you can easily shoot snowboarding, surfing, or any other activity that's fast, wet, and dirty. It accepts SD cards up to 2GB, so you can shoot plenty of photos and footage. It supports both USB and RCA connections, so you can show off your stunts on your TV or upload them to your computer. Finally, it's powered by readily available AAA batteries.

It's not the greatest camera at CES, but it's certainly one of the funkiest (as Crave observed about an earlier version back in November). The Digital Hero 3 ships later this year with a suggested retail price of $140. The original VGA Digital Hero is currently available for about $80.