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The ugliest camera under water

It looks like a Kodak Instamatic strapped to your wrist

Underwater wrist cam
Discovery Communications
Kodak Instamatic
Cosmo Net

When we first saw this wrist camera, we thought it was a joke. Check out the picture on the far right: It looks as if we could have done just as well with any waterproof point-and-shoot and some Velcro.

Granted, Discovery's wrist cam does have some interesting features, such as the ability to shoot 32 10-second video clips as well as take photos. But we just can't get past the design.

The product literature says this "ultra-light" camera weighs "less than 12 ounces"--which means that, by today's standards, it isn't exactly a featherweight. Also, it "lays flat on the wrist and flips up to take the picture." (Doesn't all this seem decidedly low-tech?)

The camera itself looks like and old Kodak Instamatic from the '60s. All it needs is one of those rotating flash cubes on top.