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Hangers with 'like' counts let Facebook dictate fashion

Even if you're not popular on Facebook, your clothes can be. Special clothes hangers at a Brazilian store show the number of Facebook likes each item has.

Facebook-connected clothing hangers
Facebook likes this jacket quite a bit.

Why trust your own questionable fashion instincts when you can trust the questionable fashion instincts of everybody on Facebook? Brazilian retailer C&A has special clothes hangers that show how many likes each look has collected from the social-media community.

The counters built into each hanger, which are networked, update in real time to reflect the input of C&A's Facebook fans voting with their virtual thumbs on photos of each clothing item. C&A calls the system "Fashion Like."

This technology could be helpful in several ways. If you have outsider tendencies, then you can choose the garments with the lowest numbers. If you desperately want to be accepted by your Facebook peers, then look for high counts.

These special hangers are firmly targeted at women. The advertising video plays on insecurities and the desire for a second opinion when shopping. Instead of having a trusted friend telling you those pants make your butt look big, you get the Facebook hordes telling you those pants make your butt look big.

It's interesting when Facebook escapes its Internet cage and pops up in the real world. I'm just not sure how I feel about Facebook having an opinion about my fashion choices. Must be time to break out my ugly old jeans and Miskatonic University T-shirt and revel in my own chosen fashion follies.

(Via Singularity Hub)