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Paging Mr. Zuckerberg: Pinstripe hoodie perfect for tech CEOs

The Executive Pinstripe Hoodie brings a new meaning to "business casual" and would look right at home in Mark Zuckerberg's much-scrutinized wardrobe.

Executive Pinstripe  Hoodie
Who cares about a hoodie when your company is valued at nearly $100 billion? Betabrand

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's attire has been dissected almost as much as a "Project Runway" contestant's. He got a smackdown from Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter for showing up to a meeting with potential investors while wearing a hoodie.

Zuckerberg in hoodie
Zuckerberg sports a non-pinstripe hoodie. (Click to enlarge.) James Martin/CNET

Perhaps a hoodie is one step too far on the casual scale. Maybe it goes beyond even the laid-back nature of the Steve Jobs' turtleneck, at least as far as some buttoned-down Wall Street types are concerned.

There's now a solution that should make everybody happy. Betabrand's Executive Pinstripe Hoodie is here to blur the lines between professional and comfortable.

The hoodie is made of merino wool with two front pockets, ribbed wrist cuffs, and a lined hood. It's dry-clean only, so try not to smear your Doritos fingers all over the front.

At a cost of $148, the hoodie is also designed for an executive's budget. Zuckerberg should be able to afford one for every day of the week, especially once the Facebook IPO launches with a valuation of nearly $100 billion.

Female tech CEOs won't be left out in the cold for long. There's a women's version coming up with an option of wool pinstripe or wool glen plaid. I'm sure IBM's Virginia Rometty will try to place a pre-order any day now.