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Meet Hamdog the burger-hot dog hybrid you've been waiting for

Avert your eyes, vegetarians. This new meaty combo meal has been patented, and it's your worst nightmare.

Craving a hamburger or hot dog? Why choose one when you can have both? An Australian man has put a new twist on those all-American meaty main courses by patenting the Hamdog, which relieves your indecision by cramming both choices into one.

The Hamdog is exactly what you might make if you were a college student who'd had a few too many beers and started rummaging through your dorm fridge at 2 a.m. There's a regular hamburger patty, but with the addition of a hot dog neatly splitting it right down the middle. The best part? A mutant bun that covers the whole thing, and looks kind of like the planet Saturn in profile.

According to the Melbourne-based Herald Sun, Mark Murray of Perth secured a US patent for the cool combo bun back in 2009, and then went on the Aussie version of "Shark Tank" in 2015 to sell his concept.

The sandwich is now being sold at festivals around Perth, and Murray is looking for resellers (like franchisees) that want to hawk the Hamdog. Sounds like it may be a while before you can buy one in the US, but you can follow the Hamdog on Facebook to keep track of the trend.

And if you just have to have one, try piling a hot dog on top of your own burger, minus the cool bun.