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Ikea's black hot dog looks like it came from hell's snack bar

Ikea Japan rolls out a disturbing-looking "ninja hot dog" that could blend into the dark of night and assassinate your taste buds.

Ninja dog

This hot dog is silent and stealthy.

Ikea Japan

Japan seems to have cornered the market on turning regular foods into weirdly colored ones. Burger King offered up black cheeseburgers and bright red Samurai burgers. Ikea Japan has now upped the bizarro factor with a special black hot dog wrapped up in a black bun. The "Ninja Dog" gets its inky coloration from edible bamboo charcoal.

The large frankfurter is meant to look like a ninja scroll, though there's no explanation of what exactly a ninja scroll is. Perhaps it's a scroll filled with names of the ninja's targets or painted with images of ninjas on deadly missions. There is a certain resemblance between the hot dog and a rolled-up scroll if you use a little imagination. The hot dog itself is a monster, measuring about a foot long, or 30 centimeters.

Unfortunately, the hot dog will not infuse you with special ninja shopping powers. You will still get lost for hours in Ikea, fall asleep on one of the model beds and later wander like a lost puppy in the warehouse trying to find that bookshelf you want, only to get home later and break down into a very un-ninja-like crying fit when you can't figure out how to put it together. At least you'll still have the memory of your stealthy warrior hot-dog meal to comfort you.

(Via RocketNews24)